Balcony ideas for a new build

When specifying a new build, you have the opportunity to work with an architect to create the exterior aesthetic identity of your choice, and the specification of a balcony can enhance that. Each type of balcony engineered by MultiBal has its own unique set of strengths - both practically and visually - so there is a noticeable difference between what each product is able to deliver. 

Given the diverse range of MultiBal products available, our customers are able to specify balconies across a variety of projects. Whether a bulk-order for a large-scale development, or a bespoke one-off piece for an individual new build, we work alongside our clients to ensure the perfect product is created for their needs.

Working with MultiBal, you’ll have access to a complete suite of BIM downloads, products that are all entirely assembled offsite and ready for immediate installation, with the option of JIT delivery too, should that be desired.

Belgrave and Berkeley Juliet Balconies, or Streamline Balcony

While the traditional functionality of a balcony is to increase the floor space of a property, not all developments have the space to accommodate this kind of fixture. This is especially true of clients who are adding an extension to an existing property. 

A more economical option - in terms of both space and cost - is a Juliet balcony. Often available for installation without planning permission, a Juliet balcony allows full height French windows to be installed providing additional light and air and transforming internal space. 

MultiBal have two different Juliet balconies available to specify: Belgrave, which features a single easy-to-grip oval top bar, and the Berkeley, which consists of an oval top bar which sits above an aesthetic secondary round bar, vertical spindles and a base bar.

Alternatively, our Streamline balcony is ideal for projects where the balcony needs to sit within the window reveals, creating an uninterrupted exterior visual plane. With a narrower profile than even the Juliet, it can provide the same results and aesthetic for those working within space constraints.

3-Sided Balcony

For those with more space and budget available, the traditional 3-sided balcony can enhance the exterior appearance of your new build whilst also being extremely practical. 

Extending the total floor space available and creating additional living space outside whilst still allowing the same light and air to be enjoyed internally, there are few more efficient ways of transforming the overall functionality of your home.

Blenheim Balcony

MultiBal’s next product, the Blenheim balcony, will be available in early 2020. It can be specified in place of a Streamline or 3-sided balcony - but truly comes into its own when placed along the perimeter of a rooftop space. With a 5 degree incline to maximise health and safety, it’s perfect in well populated, city environments, with both residential and commercial spaces ideally suited to benefit from its unique set of characteristics.

For more information about MultiBal products, we’re only a call or email away. We can work with clients to create bespoke solutions for their developments across our entire range of products - should you require further information or assistance, please get in touch.