What are micro-apartments and why are they the next big thing?

What are micro-apartments? 

The latest in a long list of modern housing trends, micro-apartments are studios with less than average space available intended for residents living alone.

Designed with efficiency as a priority, they fit a fully functioning kitchen and bathroom within a unit that is typically between only 200 to 400 square feet, utilising large windows and high ceilings to help encourage the illusion of space. 

Born out of a need for affordable housing in densely populated areas, micro-apartments are in vogue with investors and are fast becoming a staple of the rental landscape.

Utilising balconies to maximise space

One of the most frequently used design features amongst micro-apartments is the inclusion of a Juliet balcony. 

Installing a Juliet balcony allows developers to create large, floor to ceiling external openings, which is an effective way to maximise the amount of light and air within the apartment. 

By allowing better air circulation and natural light in to a micro-apartment, the space feels less cramped and closed off, which makes them far more habitable and comfortable than they would otherwise be.

Why MultiBal?

Ideal for a micro-apartment MultiBal’s Berkeley and Belgrave aluminium Juliet balconies offer a range of significant benefits.  Delivered cut to size and pre-assembled means these balconies are incredibly easy to install with a quick no-welding installation procedure.  The versatility of the fixing system also means the balconies can be attached to almost any facade surface including brickwork, concrete or timber. 

The balconies also benefit from exceptional corrosion resistant properties, giving them an expected life span of more than 25 years, dependent on postcode. 

By design, aluminium is just as strong as steel, but only half the weight, making manual handling on site much safer and easier. Also, thanks to production taking place entirely in the United Kingdom, MultiBal balconies are available with short lead times and improved quality control.

Not just ideal for micro-apartments, however, MultiBal have a full range of aluminium balconies and balustrades that are more than suitable for specification across a wide range of projects. Contact us to discuss your requirements.